Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Apt. hunting

Since about a week, we've intensified our apartment hunt. About a month ago we saw a $1500 sublet. For that money we could have a big 2 bedroom close to the GW Bridge in Manhattan. We decided it was too expensive and too far from downtown.
We moved on to see a few places in Crown Heights Brooklyn. They were OK, although some were a little expensive given their size and location. Crown Heights is becomming a nicer neighborhood, but even though it's no longer dangerous, it's not exactly Park Slope down there...
The last place we saw in Crown Heights was actually really nice and supercheap. I was a big 2 bedroom apt. in a doorman building with views on the city! For 1250! Too bad we both had a wierd feeling about it. It was a little too much family and elderly oriented. We don't need a huge apartment for the two of us, and we prefer to live in a more bustling neighborhood.
That's how we ended up seeing a cheap 1 bedroom one block from Prospect Park. The apartment is quiet since it's on the back of the building. Which unfortunately also means it doesn't have 'views'. What it does have is a huge and beautiful park around the corner, and that's worth a lot in the concrete jungle of NY. The neighborhood is very lively and very divers.
So long story short: We've put a deposit down and are waiting for our approval to sign the lease on this place! If all goes well: we'll be living on Beekman Place by August 15th.
I'll keep y'all posted!

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