Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New York, No Work?

I keep track of what's happening in Belgium through the vrtnieuws and the standaard news sites. No government, no sunshine, it sounds like I got out just in time. Just kidding, after all, we have Bush and hurricanes and USPS. That's right, I'm equally frustrated with US postal services as I was with the 'Belgische Post'. They seem to have lost (!) the first part of my immigration file! I had an appointment with an immigration officer yesterday and she assured me that waiting almost 2 months for my 'reciept' is not normal. There was no reference to me to be found in their database. In other words, as far as immigrations is concerned, I haven't even started my green card process yet! {insert g*dverdoeme or f*ck - according to preference}
It's an annoying set back and it will cause a few months of delay for me to get my work permit. Worse things could happen, but better things could too... At least I'm healthy and alive, wise people would say.
Meanwhile, it looks like I can make myself useful as an independent computer doctor for the Belgians who've moved in downstairs. It's not much but at least I'll be active again. There's also some 'restauration work' to be done in Laura's parent's house before they sell it next year, so I'll be helping the parents out with that next week. That way, I avoid getting too used to my life as an unemployed bohemian, without violating my status as a 'visitor'.
By the end of the week, my 'ex-boss' will be in NY for a few days. Another great chance to practice my Dutch (as if speaking Petrick en Jehan's with the neighboors isn't enough). I look forward to hearing the gossip and more serious news about my previous job. After all, I've worked there for almost 6 years and despite not working for months now, I haven't forgotten about my colleagues yet.
Take care y'all and please keep Belgium together for me. My immigration procedure is complicated enough as it is. I don't know what would happen if I was from the republic of Flanders FKA Belgium but I'm sure it would not simplify things.


Anonymous said...

veu nog wa miejer petrik en jehaans -> www.fcplatdak.tk is vanhaar onlaajn...



Anonymous said...

ge zou bijna denken dat ge ons mist (fred).
Don't keep it hanging! Tenslotte zal Laura de'r ook wel bijvaren ;-)