Monday, February 23, 2009

closing time?

after living in the us for almost 2 years, and after - finally - visiting belgium again in january, the original purpose of this blog had become somewhat irrelevant. a few weeks ago i changed the name and subtitle. the plan was to write about more general subjects and less america vs. belgium stuff.
i started an entry about internet privacy. 1984 might be over 20 years ago, big brother is still getting more powerful every day. after keeping this unfinished entry in my drafts for a few weeks, and after watching an interview with the ceo of twitter, i realized it's better to get short meaningless entries out the door instead of having well written drafts just waiting to be published.
it's not closing time yet.


Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs (again) ?


fred at thedrawingfarm said...

no, but maybe i should be?