Wednesday, February 25, 2009


it seems to me that open is the new word of the month.
the president talks to the nation in an attempt to gain support and trust for the stimulus plan. He really tries to be open about what's going on (at least about the things they want us to know about, still no word on roswell) there's even a website that reports on how the money that goes in the stimulus plan is being spent.
meanwhile, consumers (that's us!) are asking for more open standards and products. even apple -the company that bases it's success on secrecy- sells unprotected music and allows limited development for their iphone.
soon enough we'll frown at copyright protection. not because we are all pirates, but because we want companies to trust us. hey, don't we trust them with our money? my guess is, the next word of the month will be trust! just kidding, we all know that recession will probably stay #1 for a while... oh well, at least it'll be summer soon!

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