Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fred's book review #3 (the J.M. Coetzee edition)

J.M. Coetzee - Wachten op de Barbaren *straf, het boek heeft wel wat tijd nodig om op dreef te komen...

J.M. Coetzee - Slow Man *not bad, not very memorable either.

J.M. Coetzee - Disgrace *at first this annoyed me, the third Coetzee book I read and yet again there's an older man involved with a younger woman?! come on J.M. you can think of something else, no? luckily the book went on to become a lot more interesting. not very cheerful, but then again, none of Coetzee's books are.

reading right now:
- Dharma Bums, J. Kerouac (yes, still working on that one)
- The Bicycle Diaries, D. Byrne (just getting started)
- Ana Karenina, L. Tolstoy (yes, still working on this one too!)
- How We Are Hungry, D. Eggers
i know, i should be more focussed...

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