Friday, May 7, 2010


i love to write and draw. i try to write old school letters to friends regularly, it takes more time than email but i think it's worth the effort. letters are tangible and you can read them while sitting outside on the porch (if you have a porch that is). i know you can take your laptop out to the porch or print out an email. but wouldn't you rather find a letter in the mail than hear your computer go 'bing' alerting you that an email arrived?
i realize the carbon footprint of a letter is a lot bigger than that of an email, but it's not like i send 10 of them a day. i still send email far more often than i actually send out old fashion mail. the next project on the books is to design a stationery suite for men (letterhead, note card, envelope). this will be a collaboration with my wife of course and hopefully the suite will be available through
her website soon!
meanwhile, like the office supplies geek i am, i'd like to share my preferred writing/drawing tools. from top to bottom: Pentel Graphgear HB mechanical pencil, BIC ballpoint fine, my trusty old Parker Jotter and Lamy fountain pen M (maybe i'll replace the Lamy with
this one day).

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