Friday, August 24, 2007

Mt. Kisco to Brooklyn (and back)

It's been a while since my last post, but I have a good excuse for that. The last few days were crazy busy. We did 2 IKEA runs, one of which was a 5 hour marathon session! We made a few 'moving' drives from Kisco to Brooklyn, and spent our first night in our new place on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we spent doing more shopping and 'schlepping' (We went to Manhattan for all the kitchen stuff we need and then walked and subway-ed all of that back to Brooklyn - pots and pans are heavy!).
By Wednesday evening we were all settled and exhausted in our new place, Thursday morning we came back to Kisco. Since Susan (Laura's mom) is getting surgery for her broken ankle we are helping out a little over here.
That's it for now... Tomorrow we go back to Brooklyn and since we will take Oscar I'll be doing a lot of walking/neighbourhood exploring. Hopefully I can report lots of good news about that soon.


Anonymous said...

hey fredje,

zo druk... hoe gade gij ooit nog tijd vinden om te gaan werken?? ;-)
Alhoewel, voor Oscar zorgen is ook al een dagtaak zeker....hoop dat da een beetje meevalt en hij braaf is...
dikke kus, ook aan laura!!! risaco

Anonymous said...


nie verlegen zijn, foto's van the new place op flickr zetten!