Sunday, October 21, 2007

To miss or not to miss...

Things I miss:
- Shifting gears while driving

- Sundaymorning market in Sint-Gilles
- Goedkoop bier
- Going out to a bar with friends without making plans for it first
- Service and tax included in the bill
- Lunchmeetings
- Summer nights at the pool
- Mosselen
- Social Security and 'gele briefkes voor de mutualiteit'
... and family and friends of course, but they're not 'things'

Things I don't miss:
- Everything closes at 6pm and on Sundays
- Summer is always a gamble
- EAT's back-up system (I'm traumatized and might one day sue HP for that)
- Going out on a Friday night late in October in a t-shirt is NOT an option (it is over here)
- BBQ's are for summer nights only (instead of food on the grill all year long)
- Lintbebouwing
- 100km is a big distance
- the dentist doesn't have a massage chair or LCD TV (but he doesn't charge a month wage either)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! We will make you mosselen met friet as a wedding present.!

A friend that is missing you! Ik ben al vollebak vluchten aan het zoeken dus cin en ik kun je al verwachten.
Lots of kisses

ps: is laura al begonnen met school? Wens haar veel succes.

Anonymous said...

You start already klapping in't English as well als in't Netherlands! Good busy mate.

Bedankt voor de uitnodiging, ook wij zullen alles proberen om er te geraken.

Trouwens Stormy Joe uit Scary Mountains nog gehoord? Cool eh!


fred at thedrawingfarm said...

-yankee lover: de yankee search is volop aan de gang, maar de selectie procedure is heel strikt! alleen het allerbeste is goed genoeg!

-Duan: I spreek Dutch and Looi's and English allemaal through elkaar! Kwestie van de amerikanen die de blog lezen ook iets bij te brengen...
And yes! Stormy Joe was in touch and gave me the amazing news! yeehaa! Hiep Hiep Hoera!