Friday, October 5, 2007

Global warming and the never ending summer

I haven't seen the Al Gore movie yet, and I don't know if the big American cars and the recent temperatures are related, but this summer seems to last forever.
Yesterday, October 4 2007, it was 86 degrees Fahrenheit (that's 30 degrees Celcius). Of course we all blame global warming and if you see this there is reason to worry. But weather has always been crazy, yesterday's temperatures weren't breaking records, they came close to the 1941 record of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, but didn't break the record. In 1941, global warming was unheard of. And while it seems to have very obvious effects over here and at the North Pole, it doesn't seem to affect Belgium too much. Although, maybe the shifting of the seasons and the lack of a summer this year can be seen as less obvious evidence, but evidence nevertheless. It's hard for me to plea for action, since so far global warming seems to have nothing but advantages, but we're not that high above sea level here, and neither is Belgium, so I'm all for hybrid cars, subways, bicycles and other means of green transportation. I have to go move my car across the street now (street cleaning) but don't worry I plan to bike to the postal office later.

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