Monday, October 1, 2007

Pot Luck!

Sunday we went to a pot luck. That's a dinner where everyone brings something to eat. You can bring whatever you want, a starter, main course or dessert. Everything becomes part of a walking buffet. This way you can throw a huge dinner party without worrying about expenses or what to cook. It's a fun concept that has been adopted by 'The Beursschouwburg' in Brussels. The pot luck we went to was just friends of friends of friends wich results in a fun mix of people you know and perfect strangers. Luckily there are Brooklynians that have big apartments with backyards who can afford to have a lot of people over. Americans are different from Europeans though... They go home shortly after dinner's over, Europeans would probably spend half the night getting drunk, something I miss a little. But hey, it's never too late to bring some European influence to the American table.

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Anonymous said...

Daar zal ik voor zorgen!!
Hoe zit het met mijn yankeeeeee??????
Big kisss