Saturday, December 1, 2007

long time, no blog...

It's been a while, I know. I've been a little preoccupied and blogging is the first activity to suffer from a lack of time.

Last week was thanksgiving. We went to Vermont to celebrate with the whole family. A first little sample of winter: a thin carpet of snow and a nice fire in the fireplace. My first thanksgiving in the States! I ate more turkey than ever before, but from an ex-veggie point of view it feels good to only kill one bird and feed a family with it for several days!
Back in New York it's business as usual. A little colder by now, which is a nice change after the months of humidity and heat. I came to New York and felt like I was on the set of Summer of Sam! By now, I start to feel like I can run into Travis Bickle, the feared Taxi Driver. Steam emerges from the underground, everybody's all bundled up and every day the city looks more and more like a Christmas tree. Soon enough it will all look like one big Christmas Disneyworld, Home Alone 2 is around the corner!
Yesterday I wasn't working, so I went on the roof of our building to shoot the skyline. The city looks so quiet and peaceful from up there. It's crazy to think of what it really is like when you look at it from a distance.
For the fans of Ghostdog, I've put in a picture of our neighboor's rooftop 'Duivenkot' (it's that green and orange shack in the second picture). At times, New York is almost as surreal as Belgium. It's beautiful to see hundreds of pigeons fly in patterns with the skyline in the background. Unfortunately it was too cold for them to fly out yesterday.

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