Sunday, March 2, 2008

life is good

After the previous 'bad news' post, I'm happy to share some great news with you. The apartment is really nice and we like our new neighboorhood. It's very 'mixed' in terms of the kind of people that live around here and it feels more like living in New York City than Brooklyn did. Don't get me wrong Brooklyn is great and I still love it, but it's a different city all together.
So the whole apartment thing is good news, but the great news is that I have a 'conditional' green card now! Officially, I'm a conditional permanent resident. Which means that I'm legal, I can work, and I'll get a green card in the mail soon!
So, if I can work, I need a job right? Well, that's something else that has been taken care of. Laura found this great job with ABC Carpet & Home for me. They were nice enough to wait for my immigration and social security troubles to get sorted out. So I'm almost on their payroll now, just a few more weeks until I have a social security number and I'll be all set!
In my long absence from this blog, I never got around to sharing the best thing that has happened to me since I came to the US. In January - a few days before I turned 30 - my nephew Leo Stranberg Macchia was born. This joyful event turned me into an uncle and made Adam and Jenny real parents! Not to mention my parents in law who are now 'bomma and bompa'. We all love the little guy. It's a pity that Laura and I don't get to see him that often (The Macchia-Strandberg family lives a few hours from here). But we think of them, talk to them and try to see them as much as possible.
Pictures below!

new apartment:

on my way to work:

View from my desk at work:
(for now, next month we move and I won't have a window anymore - bummer)

Latino Graphic Design is the best! (Check out the 'Hulk')

1 day old and very popular: Leo!

Save the best for last:

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