Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Writers Block?

For a few days I've been thinking about posting a blog entry. I even started writing one in my notebook while sitting in the park the other day. I wrote about springtime in New York (which is a nice time, like it is elsewhere in the world) and about the similarities between Americans and Europeans (in the end most Americans are Europeans, or at least their ancestors were). I knew while I was writing that I wouldn't post the blog. I guess I've just been a little uninspired and preoccupied.

I've been working (my daytime job), helping Laura a little with school work and I've redesigned our website (again). Sometimes it's good to force a certain activity into happening. That's why I'm writing this blurb today.
Last year I did a small (or should I say big) experiment/project where I forced myself to draw something everyday. Most of these drawings where nothing more than 1 minute doodles, but sometimes I actually sat down for a little longer to draw for real. It was an interesting experience, it really showed me that 'inspiration' can be forced sometimes. It also made it clear that there is a world of difference between art and drawing/doodling, as all my stuff clearly falls in the latter category. I never intended to do anything with the drawings other than 'making' them. It's very liberating to do something just for the sake of doing it. No need to worry about how embarrassing the result is. Maybe this blog should be approached like that. Wait, I guess it already is...

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